Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Is Not Republican Values

Down in Indiana there is a real scandal brewing. An ambulance chasing attorney named Tony Zirkle is running for the Republican nomination for congress in the second district - that is South Bend. (Thankfully he has an opponent!) This guy spoke at a birthday bash for Crazy Adolph Hitler put on by the National Socialist Workers Party. (That's the Nazi's.) He also said that segregation should be re-examined. According to Zirkle we would have six states for the blacks and forty-four states for the rest of us. I'm not sure what he proposes to do with mulattoes -half black, half white, and the quadrones - a quarter black and three quarter white. And what do you do with all the Arabs in Dearborn? That's almost a small state's worth of people by itself. (Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, those are fellow descendants of Shem! Right!)

The bottom line is that this is disgraceful in the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. It is the Republicans who freed the blacks from slavery. It is the Republicans who joined with a Democratic president, against the majority of Democrats in Congress, to pass the Voting Rights Act. (Remember the filibuster attempt by Wm. J. Fulbright and Al Gore, Sr.) And it is Democrats who re-enslaved blacks to the welfare state. There is no place in the Republican Party for this sort of asinine male cow manure.

Dr. Gene Edward Veith in his book Modern Fascism explains that one has to give themselves over to the logic of irrationality to be a fascist. Zirkle appears to be poster child for this very sort of irrationality. His insanity does not in any way represent Republican values! Period!!!!

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