Monday, September 15, 2008

The Yeast Infection Crowd

The most pro abortion political organization is EMILY's List. They support only Democratic female candidates who are radically pro abortion. They want no restrictions on abortion up until delivery. They represent the most radical fringe of the feminist movement.

Where do they get their name? EMILY is actually an acronym. It stands for "early money is like yeast." Considering their political agenda, I think it completely appropriate to rewrite that - early money is like a yeast infection. Thus we shall dub them the yeast infection crowd.

Considering the fact that life begins at conception, this group can only be seen as pro murder of the innocent. God is the author of life, it is not our place to take it except in very narrow circumstances involving those with blood guilt. For Christians who ought be placing a high value on the life of the unborn, an EMILY's List endorsement should be the kiss of death.

Locally, our state assembly woman, Ann Hraychuck is an EMILY's List candidate. She received money from them in 2006. She also is quoted in a recent story on their web site stating how much EMILY's List helped her. Let's hope and pray that people become aware of this fact and vote her and this hellish agenda out of office.

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