Thursday, October 2, 2008

Economic Conspiracies

I generally treat conspiracy theories with disdain. But I got thinking today in the car and a couple of them are worth a chuckle, at least.

The fact is that Bush and McCain don't like each other very much. We've also heard that Bush does not like Sarah Palin. Did Bush suddenly push this "emergency" bailout bill to screw McCain out of the Whitehouse? Ego and the sinful human nature being what it is, one wonders.

Another possibility is that this is a rope-a-dope. In this scenario, Bush knows this bill will sink the economy - especially when compounded with Obama's incompetence and economic plan. Bush is assuming here that Obama will win and then screw the country up in Carter-esque fashion. He's just adding more weight to the millstone. What will really do the damage is the compounding of the effect that Obama will bring. So if by chance, McCain wins, his policies will soften the blow and the effect won't be as devastating. It might even play to McCain's advantage by showing him bring the country back.

Are either of these true? Probably not. But man's dark nature makes such things possible.

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