Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Done!

The election of 2010 is in the history books... well sort of. There are a few close races to recount and there will be legal challenges, in a couple places I'm sure. Two big surprises. First, the defeat of Jim Oberstar in Minnesota and the survival of Harry Reid. Considering that Angle was up in all the polls I saw, one has to wonder to what extent voter fraud played a role. In Wisconsin, other than Secretary of State, the Republicans won all the state wide races. They also took control of both houses of the legislature. Two locals, Erik Severson and Ron Rivard played a role in that by wining their assembly seats.

Winning is one thing. Now they must govern. The key is to keep the promises that have been made. If the Republicans cut spending, cut taxes, and cut regulation and this results in job growth in Wisconsin, they will control things for a very long time. If they fritter this away, as has so often happened, by not fulfilling their promises, they won't last long.

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