Friday, February 18, 2011

The Christian Ethics of Dem Senators

It is official. All the Democrat members of the Wisconsin State Senate spent yesterday afternoon in Rockford, Illinois in order to prevent a vote on a Budget repair bill. In the mean time Chicago community organizers and the teachers union were creating a near riot situation in Madison. The vicious nature of the rhetoric was stunning to see. Our governor was compared to Hitler, Mussolini, Mubarik, and every other disreputable character that they could name. This vitriol will be remembered for a long time. Elephants have good memories - unlike jackasses.

This all begs the question. Was it ethical, from a Christian perspective, for these senators to engage in such gamesmanship? I would have to say no. Their actions were abominably shameful. They abandoned their posts. They were in open rebellion against the laws and people of Wisconsin. Fortunately, the people this state are getting fed up. According one poll taken by a downstate newspaper, 60% of us Badgers are with our governor. After all, he's really posing a simple alternative. Either the state employees take a minor reduction in benefits, which leaves still better than the private sector, or about 6000 of them get laid off. Is not everyone better off with these people keeping their jobs and not in the unemployment line?

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