Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Service Nation and 9/11

One of the first things that President Obama did when he came into office was to declare 9/11 a national day of service. His cronies quickly organized an agency to carry this out. What they created was an umbrella of supposed service organizations. Many were blatantly political like AARP, La Raza and number of radical environmental groups. (It should be noted that it appears that La Raza is no longer affiliated with Service Nation.) The umbrella was blatantly political as well. In the first incarnation of their web site the first thing you would see was Obama's face. Obama is no longer front and center on the web site.

What is the real agenda here? Why was 9/11 chosen? I would contend that the real reason for this whole business was to redefine 9/11. What is 9/11 supposed to be? It is supposed to be a day of solemn remembrance. It is supposed to be a day to remember those who died and why? That why is because a group of evil, demonic men, in the name of a violent religion, delivered a sucker punch against the U.S. Cowards that they were, they committed an act of war against non combatant men, women, and children. 9/11 is a day to nurse our righteous anger against those who did this, and those who supported them. The very notion of righteous anger is that it is a correct and proper thing. We are supposed to be angry about this and we are supposed to hold this against those who did this, until such time as there is righteous judgement. Forgiveness requires repentance. I've not heard anyone repent of the 9/11 attacks. After the time that justice is achieved or time has made this moot, it is still to be a day of remembrance, to remind us of the constant vigilance needed to protect liberty, and to remember those who have fallen in the cause of liberty.

President Obama clearly has, as part of his political agenda, a desire to make us forget was happened on 9/11. I don't know just why this is. I fear it may be sympathy with the Islamic world. Many of the organizations involved in Obama diabolical scheme are liberal groups from which you expect no better. But other groups have been suckered into this, like the Lions Club International. Now Lions Club claims to be non political. But by its participation in Service Nation, Lions Club has made itself as political as the Democratic Party. It has become an unwitting agent for Obama's liberal agenda. One wonders how many other formerly good organizations will be destroyed by Obama and his devilish Service Nation initiative.

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