Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clueless Ann Still Clueless

State assembly person, Ann Hraychuck is showing why she should never have been elected in the first place. She's bragging that she's introducing a bill to prevent companies from writing moving expenses off their taxes when they move out of state. This is called closing the barn door after the horse is out. Why didn't she do something to improve the business climate in Wisconsin so that companies don't want to move out of the state? Governor Doyle has waged a scorched earth campaign against business and all she can say is that it not right for companies to write off moving expenses on their taxes?

She further brags that Wisconsin has been cutting business taxes. First she neglects to say that we started with some of the highest business taxes in the nation. Second she neglects to say that neither she, nor the Democrat party had anything to do with these tax cuts. Most of these tax cuts took place under Governor Tommy Thompson. In fact these tax cuts were not supported by her, but many of them were enacted with the help of her predecessor, Mark Pettis.

Showing Hraychuck in an even darker light, she is reported to be having great difficulty in raising money in the district. According to reports, most of her campaign cash is coming from Madison and Milwaukee. That is fitting, in that she doesn't represent us. She never has. She's always been Madison and Milwaukee's choice to be our assembly person. She was bought and paid for by the Democrat leadership from day one. Maybe it's time we elected someone that actually would represent us here in northwest Wisconsin.

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