Thursday, October 14, 2010

Women Vote Project Idiocy

Well, the world of political slander is going hot and heavy. The Women Vote Project is in full attack mode against Sean Duffy. They are trying to convince voters to vote for Democrat Julie Lassa based on an outright lie.

This should not surprise us when we understand that the Women Vote Project is none other than EMILY's List - also known as the yeast infection crowd. (EMILY's List is actually an acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast. Considering the damage this radical pro abortion group does, the effect is more like a yeast infection.) They are miss representing themselves from the start by not disclosing who they really are. So why shouldn't they tell lies about candidates?

They start with a quote from Sean Duffy, most assuredly taken out of context. They quote him saying that he can't create jobs. Duh!!! Neither can Julie Lassa. Government does not create jobs. Government can kill jobs by high taxes and over regulation. But they cannot create jobs. All government can do is keep taxes and regulation under control so that the private sector can create jobs. We don't need special programs that offer loans to small business or some other big government gimmick. We need low taxes and less intrusive regulation so that small business can flourish. Sean Duffy gets this. Julie Lassa is still clueless about how jobs are really created.

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