Saturday, January 8, 2011

An American Tragedy

The very nature of the United States is openness. Years ago, General William "Beetle" Smith even stated that our society was open, by its very nature, that we could not have spies.

This openness places a wall around our public officials. They are not to be touched. We don't shoot leaders. If we disagree with them, we vote them out of office. To shoot a public official is an attack on the entire nation. It doesn't matter if they voted against our position on this or that. They are not to be touched.

There can be no place in our nation for vandalism against the offices of public officials or violence against the officials themselves. This is both ungodly and un-American. Luther does allow for active resistance against tyranny. But only in the most extreme of cases. Luther's admonition to resist the Emperor after Augsburg could be translated to the American Revolution. But it could never be applied to random violence against public officials in a democratic republic.

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