Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harry's Problem

Harry Reid either is truly clueless or is trying operate on very deep level. He was complaining about the U.S. House leadership's vote on repealing Obamacare. He said a repeal would never get through the U.S. Senate. But that misses the point. By holding this vote, Republicans are making Democrats take ownership of Obamacare. It remains wildly unpopular. It is truly an anchor around the neck of anyone connected with it. By making Reid publicly defend Obamacare, they are making him and his fellow Senate Dems own it. Any senator who is forced to claim ownership of Obamacare can kiss his chance reelection goodbye. Sure, Harry just squeaked back in, that's to the fact that Republican senatorial committee ran an incompetent campaign and wouldn't back his
Tea-Party opponent. But it's not just Harry's head that's on the block. A lot of other Dem senators are up in 2012. Boehner and company know that they can regain the senate by forcing Dingy Harry and company to defend Obamacare.

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