Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Issues Is Back

Yesterday, June 30, Issues, Etc. was back on the air - but not on the LCMS own station KFUO. It is now a two hour show instead of three and is broadcast on the internet via an outfit called Pirate Christian Radio. One St. Louis area station is broadcasting one hour - 4-5 p.m. My understanding is that they are looking for additional broadcast partner stations. The fact that it is not on the air to the degree that they were is not as great of a problem as one might think. The bulk of their audience was via podcast.

The show is now funded by direct donations, completely independent of the synod. It is costing about half of what it cost the synod to produce raising more questions about the official explanation from the synod for cancelling the show.

In their first hour on the air they talked a little bit about their "spring break". They said little about their firing. About the most they said was that they shocked by the "spin" the synod put out. What I'm wondering here is that while Wilken and Schwarz know that the cancellation wasn't really financial, they likewise don't have documentation of the real reason. So their comments would be speculation. So they aren't saying anything. However, one of the bumpers said "The show that's too Lutheran for a Lutheran radio station." That is at least a bit of a shot.

Pirate Christian radio also has another program - "Defending the Faith" hosted by Chris Rosebrough. This program is likewise impressive. In today's program he was critiquing Rick Warren.

So, Arg! Shiver me timbers and hand over yer false doctrine!

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