Thursday, July 3, 2008

Madison's Assembyperson

Two years back I predicted that if Ann Hraychuck were elected to the state assembly, she would not represent us here in the 28th District, but the democratic leadership down in Madison. I was nearly lynched for making that prediction. Well. Two years later. She has voted about 90% of the time with the democratic leadership. I've heard no reports about her fighting the for issues that matter most to the 28th District. In other words I haven't heard of her fighting for lower taxes or spending cuts to the state budget. I haven't heard of her fighting for concealed carry or other pro-hunting legislation. I haven't heard of her fighting to reduce restrictions on land use for land owners. I haven't heard of her fighting for tort reform so our medical costs can come down. Or for that matter I haven't heard of her fighting for proven solutions like medical savings accounts.

What have we heard from Ann? Forums on how the nanny state is going to take care of all of us with free health care and free everything else. In other word standard Madison Democratic boiler plate programs that are based on emotion rather than fact. None of these things have ever worked for any appreciable period of time, anywhere in the world. Yet, magically Ann and her democratic friends in Madison are going to wave their wands and it will work here.

Maybe it's time that the 28th District had someone that represented us and our values down in Madison.

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