Friday, July 25, 2008

A Real Chicken Hawk

Often times the Dems like to call people who have never served in the military, but are pro war, chickenhawks or some equivalent thereof. The point of this is to say if you didn't serve in the military you can't comment on matters of war and peace with any moral authority. Never mind the fact that the last Dem commander and chief was an out and out draft dodger.

Is military experience really required to be commander in chief, or even to comment on matters of war and peace? Or course not. The second greatest president in U.S. history, hands down was Abraham Lincoln. He had no military experience. Yet, he guided this country through its most dangerous war. But of course, by modern Dem standards, Lincoln was a chickenhawk. But then again, didn't George McClellen run for president on the Dem ticket in 1864 on a platform of cut and run? So I guess nothing ever really is new is it?

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