Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News From Club Med

In the Cystic Fibrosis community "Club Med" is short for "Club Medical" aka the hospital. In this case it is St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I am in for an extra "tune up" visit.

I came in on Tuesday evening, May 20. First they didn't have my paperwork at addmitting, although 6th floor already had it. Then 6 North didn't have private room for me. CF's are always put in private rooms to prevent cross infection. So they shipped me up to 8 North which is oncology. I proceeded to unload the moving van with all my stuff. For CF patients a week in the hospital is short. Since they don't let you out on pass anymore you have to try to remember everything the first time.

About midnight, right after my first does of Zosen, I broke out in a rash, turned red as the coats of the Coldstream Guards and developed chills. I guess that antibiotic is a no-no from now one. They gave me some morphine. I guess I'm a real druggy now. That did seem to resolve the short term problems. I think, however, I'll pass on any more of the "good drugs."

The nurses up here have been great. Julie, my nurse last night for our big adventure was outstanding. Apparently they get a lot of wierd reactions to medications in oncology, so she knew exactly what was happening and what to do.

I'm catching up to with all my friends in Respretory Theropy. (RTs.) One of the cleaning ladies who remembered from 6 north asked how I saw the election playing out. While I do my walking on the treadmill we starting watching a tape of the movie "Zeppeline" with Michael York - a great, oft overlooked movie.

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