Friday, May 9, 2008

Witchcraft, Code Pink, and the Marine Corp

Here's one that's made for the intersection of religion and politics. Code Pink protesters in front of the Marine Corp recruiting center, are turning to witchcraft. This is not Harry Potter. This is for real. They are casting spells against the Marine recruiters.

Now as a confessional Lutheran, I equate such antics with the term "Satanic Arts" used in Luther's explanation to the Second Commandment. What effect the spells will have is not clear. I would certainly contend that they have the potential to cause harm to our service personnel. I'm hardly an expert on "Satanic Arts."

Now I know that our national and state laws probably don't recognize witchcraft per say. But I would think that since the intent is malicious, it would fall under attempted something. I can see it now, the Berkley Witch trials!

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Anonymous said...

I just came across a wonderfully ironic picture of the Code Pink protest. Bearing in mind that they are also strongly pro-abortion, go to and check out the first picture!