Friday, May 9, 2008

Words Mean Things II: Why the Name Calling?

Recently I have taken to calling LCMS President Kieschnick "Pope Jerry X". There is a point to this. I am trying to evoke the image of Pope Leo X, who was Pope during the first years of the Reformation. (Leo X, formerly Giovanni de' Medici, pope 1513-1521.) Leo was determined to build St. Peter's Basilica and commissioned other building and artistic projects throughout the city. Leo was so committed to his agenda that he was determined to pursue it regardless the cost. He bankrupted the Roman church and even this did not satisfy this lust for building, artwork and lavish living. He continued to spend, funding this ongoing spree by selling everything that wasn't bolted down.

President Kieschnick likewise appears determined to pursue an irrationally expensive agenda regardless of the consequences. We are told the synod is $22m in debt and climbing. How much more can the synod borrow? How deeply in debt can we go? At what point is the church body officially bankrupt? And what is going to get sold off first? Anyone want to buy two radio stations? A few college and seminary campuses? Get your bids in early. Who knows, the way this is going, they might go cheap to the first bidder.

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