Friday, June 20, 2008

Ablaze the Final Phase

A couple days ago I posted the following note, in the comments section of an article, on the Augsburg 1530 blog. I'm attempting to show where this Fullerite Ablaze program will go if we continue to the logical end. If Charles Finney pragmatism is the model this is not far off.

"You know, they’re really in a panic that we’re not attracting enough men and don’t have enough ministry opportunities for women. So here it is, the latest Ablaze suggestion! The Lutheran evangelism strip club and brothel! It would attract a lot of men who need to hear about Jesus, provide women with lots of ministry opportunities, and really be out there on the cutting edge. I could come up with all sorts of great slogans for it. And it would raise lots of money to fund the bureaucracy!"

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