Friday, August 28, 2009

What Legacy?

The passing of Ted Kennedy has brought out great showers of praise for his wonderful accomplishments. To this I ask, what accomplishments? He participated in the creation of a number of pieces of legislation. This could be said of any long term member of congress. But there is one very unique accomplishment that should be cited, though no one that I heard or read, has. Kennedy and Lowell Weicker teamed up to tie up the Ford administration so that we could not participate in the second Vietnam war. Though we were obligated to provide air and naval support for South Vietnam as well as equipment by the Paris Accords, none of this happened. Congress prevented the Ford administration from keeping our nation's word. There are some pundits who believe that this has led to the rise in terrorism that we see today. Perhaps it even led to 9-11. Thanks Ted for making us a nation that doesn't keep its word.

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