Saturday, August 30, 2008

Elephant in the Living Room

One of the first persons I spoke with regarding the exciting selection of Sarah Palin, immediately attacked her because she is a creationist. Yet, those who would make a such an attack are actually the irrational ones.

Darwinian Evolution has a huge elephant in the living room. Sadly, neither the Darwinists nor the creationists have latched on to the implications of this, as yet.

What is this elephant? Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002 - pictured) Who was Gould? A Harvard professor of Paleontology - that's the study of fossils. In 1972, with another scientist, he published the punctuated equilibrium hypothesis. What's that? It's a replacement for Darwinism. You see Gould, himself a bitter anti creationist, rejected Darwinism. Why? Because as a paleontologist he knew the evidence demanded such a rejection. Darwinism requires transitional forms. It was assumed that it would take several steps for a fish to become a philosopher. Those steps would have left behind fossils. But no such fossils exist, as Gould frequently pointed out. (Gee, I think I've heard Ken Ham make the same point.) In Gould's version of evolution, nothing changes at all, except in very rare circumstances - then zap, Mr. Limpet in reverse, the fish instantly becomes a philosopher.

The fact that Gould rejected Darwinism teaches us that it is only a hypothesis. Gould understood that real science doesn't support Darwinism. But his alternative hypothesis is really equally unscientific, since it really cannot be tested by experiments. So we're stuck with a series of untestable hypotheses, none of which are testable. It's not just the creationists saying Darwinism is just a bad hypothesis without any real scientific support - so is Stephen Jay Gould.

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