Friday, August 1, 2008

Yellowcake and Treason

One aspect that I haven't yet developed here is the implications of the the revelation that Saddam had 550 tons of yellowcake uranium and the rhetoric the anti-war politicians, like John Murtha.

This cache of uranium was old. Saddam had it already before the first gulf war. We not only knew he had it, we knew exactly how much and exactly where it was. Which means that the members of congress likely knew this as well. This also means that congressmen like John Murtha lied to the American public, saying that there were no WMD's in Iraq. If you knowingly tell a lie that undermines the work of our soldiers while they are in the field, doesn't that constitute treason? I wonder what answer you would get from our soldiers who gave their lives because John Murtha and others lied? I would think that this is a jury many of our members of congress hope they never have to face. Boy could we use Rod Serling right now!

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