Thursday, August 7, 2008

Propaganda and Bush's Legacy

I just saw a report on a bus turned into a museum chronicling the failures of the Bush presidency. Why? Why go to this trouble. If Bush's presidency is indeed a failure, it needs no propaganda to demonstrate it. People will already know it. This is can only be seen as a desperate attempt to rewrite history and convince people that lies are truth.

What is Bush's legacy? It is that of a mid level president, who did some things very well and other's disastrously bad. He will be remembered for having the courage to defend the country, even though many didn't deserve to be defended, and some even committed treason to keep Bush from defending the country.

This contrasts sharply to the legacy of Bill Clinton who is remembered as a corrupt, incompetent, who did things with interns and cigars in the oval office.

The United States has had 43 presidents. There have only been two truly great presidents - Washington and Lincoln. They must be ranked #1 and #2. Many have been mediocre. Some, like Chester Arthur, proved to be surprisingly decent. Others, like Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and Millard Fillmore have been disastrously bad. Clinton will be ranked about 35th. In spite of his own incompetence, he will always be remembered as a president who presided over great prosperity, even if it was created by others. Bush 41 will fall in somewhere between 25th and 30th. Bush 43, slots in around 20th. Bush was not a great president, but in terms of U.S. history, he will be viewed as being on the top edge of average. When all is said and done, it will be clear that people of this age have misunderestimated President Bush.

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