Thursday, August 21, 2008

Minnesota Not So Nice

The strong smell of hypocrisy has been drifting across the river from Minnesota in Wisconsin. It comes from Norm Colman and the back room Republican leadership in St. Paul.

State house member Mark Olson has been a very solid conservative for several years. So good in fact that he has ticked off the RINO's in St. Paul and their water boy Norm Colman. When he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse, a crime about a tenth as serious as a DWI, the Minnesota state Republican party set out to lynch him. There's only one problem. He reconciled with his wife and with her backing secured the endorsement of grass roots Republicans for the vacant senate district 16 seat.

Well, okay, the guy's making a political comeback. It's not like he left a pregnant girl friend dead in the drink off a bridge. Shuck's half the RINO's got DWI's and they keep running for re-election - sometimes it seems even after they've killed someone. But no, the state party couldn't abide an Olson resurrection. Norm Colman went out and blasted Olson on the airwaves. Now the Minnesota Republican Party has a most un-Republican rule. No Republican is allowed to publicly criticise an endorsed Republican candidate. So if this rule were enforced, Norm Colman would be tossed from the Minnesota Republican Party. I know that some local party officials are under attack for far less. But oh, I forgot, Colman's a good RINO, and these local party officials are conservatives. How dare we expect RINO's to actually follow the rules.

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