Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Does a Denial Mean?

Ron Suskind just released a new book which I don't intend to read. The book is titled: The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism. Suskind has long been a Bush basher and anti-war extremist. His first book on the Bush administration was a tell all with former treasury secretary Paul O'Neal. ONeal, in Suskind's earlier book, claimed that the Bush administration started planning to attack Iraq in their very first national security meeting.

In his latest book Suskind claims that the Bush administration forged evidence connecting Mohommed Atta to Iraq. The current Iraqi government found a document that appears to have been written by al-Tikriti, the head of Iraqi intelligence under Saddam Hussein. The document shows that Atta was in Iraq and received terrorist training in the camp of Abu Nidal. Nidal was a Palestinian terrorist who operated a training camp in Iraq. The date of the document is July 1, 2001. The dates that Atta was in Iraq are unclear. Suskind charges that this document is a forgery put out by the Bush administration. It does not appear that Suskind has any clear evidence for his charge. But by making the charge he admits the document exists.

Suskind further charges that the Bush administration made up evidence for the existence of WMDs in Iraq. That charge is now clearly absurd in light of the fact that we just moved 550 to of uranium from Iraq to Canada.

Slowly but surely, the debate on Iraq is shifting. More and more people are seeing that many of the claims of the Bush administration are in fact true or at least reasonable. More and more people are seeing that authors like Suskind are agenda driven ideologues who are have little interest in the truth.

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