Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why Does Anyone Give a Rip about Rick Warren?

Who is Rick Warren? He is a teacher of rank Pelagianism - that is works righteousness. He believes that the goal of preaching is to make obedient people. At most, he gives lip service to Christ paying for our sins. As such, this man is no Christian pastor. He is a heretic.

The Christian faith is always totally about Jesus Christ, God the Son, and His work on our behalf. Anyone who does not have have that at the center of their message is a distorter of the Christian faith. Any true obedience on our part must be driven by the message that Christ gives us forgiveness and eternal life as a free gift. Even Rome gets this this. Rome does teach salvation by grace alone. The only problem is that they define grace not as an attitude in God, but as the power for us to do good works which then earn God's favor. The kind of crass works righteousness that we hear from Rich Warren and the other "Purpose Driven" preachers would make a Roman bishop blush.

Nevertheless, both presidential candidates have made appearances at his church. Perhaps what this does is give us insight into the problems faced by the orthodox fathers dealing with Arius, Pelagious and the other heretics of their age. Warren's popularity really reminds us that heresy is always popular in every age.


Pastor Kelly J. Leary said...


did you get the release from the LC-MS Reporter reminding you to watch this great work by Pastor Rick Warren -- why is our newspaper pointing us to Rick Warren and his "look at me see how important I am" scheme ---

same as Nafzger referring to St. Louis as "HOLY GROUND" WOW -- what are we (that is the LC-MS doing?????)

Walt's World of Religion and Politics said...

Wow, someone is actually looking at my blog!

Well, I have to agree. Anyone who is whoring after the ways of Rick Warren is not a Lutheran.